Athletic Mouth Guard

For all of our athletic patients, we strongly recommend a custom-made mouth guard. Mouth guards are a device worn over your teeth to prevent damage from blows to the face and head. Wearing a mouth guard protects your teeth from fracturing, falling out, and displacing. Mouth guards also support your lips, cheeks, jaw, and gums from a direct or indirect impact. 

Stock mouth guards come pre-formed and unfortunately don’t fit all mouths. This can lead to a lack of protection, discomfort, and difficulty talking or breathing. Our custom-made mouth guards are individually designed to fit comfortably and provide the best protection. 


During your first visit, we will make an impression of your teeth. The impression will then be used to form and mold your customized mouth guard. The thickness of your mouth guard will also be adjusted based on your habits of grinding and clenching your teeth. At your second office visit, you will try on your new mouth guard to ensure it fits properly.  

Mouth guards should be replaced every few years depending on the level of wear and tear and mouth growth. We also recommend that for the best protection, younger children should replace their mouth guards more frequently as their mouths are still growing. 

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