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Business Team

Renaissance Dental Studio | Bu Parker, Office Manager

Office Manager

Bu began working for Dr. Prince in 1998 as a dental assistant. She is currently our office manager and insurance guru. She is extremely knowledgeable with dental terms and procedures and goes to bat for our patients to get the most benefit from their plan. Bu also handles all of our financial arrangements and ensures that you are well informed to do necessary treatment.

Lisa Koehn | Renaissance Dental Marketing CoordinatorLisa
Bookkeeper and Marketing/Social Media Coordinator

Lisa spends most of her time working with day-to-day office financials, and enjoys checking-in on patients after dental treatment. You will find that Lisa never meets a stranger. She is always cheerful and has a great sense of humor. Lisa also has a twin sister so we aren’t really sure it’s Lisa all the time. 

Dental Hygienists

These are our AMAZING Registered Dental Hygienists. Their goal is to educate our patients in maintaining the best home care in between professional cleaning appointments. They spend their day meticulously removing unsightly stains and harmful bacterial plaque and tartar so your mouth stays healthy.  

Johnna Vance

Dental Hygienist ~ Retired 5/02/2017

Johnna graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Oklahoma. She has 18+ years of experience and 16 of those years have been here with Dr. Prince. Johnna is energetic and outgoing. Her patients are her #1 priority when they are in her care and has a knack for easing their anxious nerves.  Johnna is a huge Sooners fan and is always up for some friendly competition when they play Dr. Prince’s Cowboys!

Michel Mizirl | Renaissance Dental Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist

Michel graduated with a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts from OCU and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from OU. She has 19 years of experience and 9 of those years have been here with Dr. Prince. Michel is very detail-oriented and passionate about her patients’ oral hygiene. She is very understanding and works hard to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.  

Dental Assistants

Our AWESOME dental assistants go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in the dental chair. They work hard at delivering great “chairside” assistance to both you and Dr. Prince! 

Valerie Gore | Renaissance Dental Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Valerie is our lead dental assistant. She has been with Dr. Prince since 2008. Around here, we call her “Dr. Gore” because of her knowledge in the dental field. Valerie’s vivacious personality and bubbly laugh will brighten your day.  

Stephanie Ricer | Renaissance Dental Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Stephanie has been with Dr. Prince since 2011. She is free-spirited, yet serious when it comes to our patients. Stephanie is quick and accurate – great qualities for a dental assistant.

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